Aprofit - ad system


Easy ad book­ing

It’s easy and fast to book an ad with AProf­it. Be­gin with the cus­tomer’s in­for­ma­tion, and then pro­vide the size of the ad, place­ment spec­i­fi­ca­tions and pub­li­ca­tion date.

Flex­i­ble ad pro­duc­tion

Ads can be pro­duced in sev­er­al ways. Sim­ple line and mil­lime­ter ads can be done very eas­i­ly by us­ing Any­graaf’s Ed­die soft­ware that can be start­ed di­rect­ly from AProf­it.

Ef­fi­cient in­voic­ing

In­voic­ing ma­te­r­i­al can eas­i­ly be sent to ser­vice providers (for ex­am­ple En­fo or Itel­la). Ma­te­r­i­al can al­so be print­ed or saved as a file. AProf­it al­so pro­duces elec­tron­ic in­voic­es in Fin­voice for­mat. In­te­gra­tion to ac­counts payable and re­ceiv­able is de­fined by the cus­tomer.

Sin­gle Eu­ro Pay­ment Area (SEPA) be­gan in Jan­u­ary 2008 and in­sti­tu­tion of the sys­tem through­out Eu­rope should be com­plete by the end of 2010. Any­graaf is ready to con­vert the soft­ware to ful­fill the SEPA re­quire­ments.

Ef­fi­cient and pre­cise re­ports

Re­ports are cre­at­ed with Crys­tal Re­ports re­port­ing soft­ware. Pro­duc­ing re­ports is easy and fast; re­ports can al­so be ex­port­ed in­to ex­ter­nal soft­ware, such as Mi­crosoft Ex­cel.

Ad­di­tion­al sys­tem mod­ules

The ba­sic AProf­it sys­tem can be ex­pand­ed with ad track­ing or cus­tomer self-ser­vice mod­ules. AProf­it al­so in­te­grates with Any­graaf’s oth­er prod­ucts, thus en­abling the use of a shared data­base.

Ad track­ing

Ad track­ing pro­vides the sta­tus of ad ma­te­r­i­al in re­al-time. The ad track­ing mod­ule is like a ma­te­r­i­al store that’s con­nect­ed to AProf­it ad sys­tem; the sta­tus in­for­ma­tion and col­ors used in ad track­ing make it pos­si­ble to em­pha­size and il­lus­trate the sta­tus of pro­duc­tion.

Any­graaf’s pro­duc­tion, plan­ning and track­ing mod­ule, Plan­ner, makes it pos­si­ble to place ads on cho­sen pages. If an ed­i­to­r­i­al sys­tem is in use, the con­tents and lay­out the ready-made pages can be tracked in Plan­ner.

The Page make­up tool can be opened di­rect­ly from the ad track­ing sys­tem to cre­ate or up­date an ad, or ready-made ma­te­r­i­al can be im­port­ed di­rect­ly to the sys­tem. Sim­i­lar­ly, it is pos­si­ble to open pre­vi­ous ads and save them as new ones, ei­ther with or with­out ed­its. The sys­tem al­so en­ables the use of dif­fer­ent kinds of im­age stores, so it is pos­si­ble to at­tach a lo­go, for ex­am­ple, to an ad by sim­ply drag­ging and drop­ping it from the lo­go store.

Self-ser­vice cus­tomer in­ter­face

AProf­it’s self-ser­vice cus­tomer in­ter­face is an ad­di­tion­al mod­ule for the AProf­it ad sys­tem. With­in this in­ter­face, cus­tomers can de­liv­er ads via a web in­ter­face ei­ther di­rect­ly to the pub­li­ca­tion, or to lay­out per­son­nel. Cus­tomers can al­so browse their pre­vi­ous­ly pub­lished ads. It is al­so pos­si­ble for cus­tomers to ei­ther pay for ads, or re­quest an in­voice via the in­ter­face.

Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with oth­er Any­graaf sys­tems

AProf­it ful­ly in­te­grates with oth­er Any­graaf soft­ware. This com­pat­i­bil­i­ty al­lows for a sin­gle cus­tomer data­base for both AProf­it and the CProf­it Cir­cu­la­tion and Dis­tri­b­u­tion Sys­tem. The sin­gle data­base makes it sim­ple to main­tain da­ta for ad and cir­cu­la­tion and dis­tri­b­u­tion cus­tomers; it al­so makes tasks such as con­trol­ling sam­ple copies for ad­ver­tis­ing cus­tomers sim­pler.

Any­graaf’s ed­i­to­r­i­al sys­tem (Doris/Neo by Any­graaf) al­so in­te­grates seam­less­ly with the work­flow so­lu­tions that are cho­sen.