Violet Plates

Agfa Azura Vi



Agfa was the first to introduce violet laser technology for CtP applications. It maintains that position by offering you Azura Vi: a violet plate designed for chemical-free processing. Azura Vi provides superior print quality, easy handling and outstanding durability.

By installing a simple modification kit or using a clean-out unit (COU), you can clean out gum in your plate processors without developer. This results in a higher print consistency than ever before. Moreover, its compatibility with all mainstream violet CtP units that emit at least 30 mW, makes it an excellent option for commercial printers worldwide.

Southern Lithoplate – Replica ECO LCV


 Southern Lithoplate, Inc. (SLP) is the printer’s choice for performance-driven lithoplates and associated prepress/pressroom solutions. An American owned and operated company, SLP is committed to helping printers improve their print quality and productivity, lower costs, optimize opportunities and increase profitability.  

Replica ECO LCV®  violet CtP plate brings high quality and efficiency plus a low environmental impact to newspaper prepress. Southern Lithoplate’s newest violet plate system combines environmental protection and productivity, enabling newspapers and coldset printers to enjoy reliable, consistent plate output while dramatically reducing chemistry usage. 

Thermal Plates

Agfa Azura TU



The Azura plate was launched in 2004 and has been winning prizes ever since. Why? Because it’s the only truly chemistry-free platemaking system. Agfa Graphics’ ThermoFuseTM technology is characterized by particles in the aluminum plate coating that fuse to each other and bond to the plate when the plate is heated. This creates a solid ink-accepting image, capable of printing 150,000 copies in one run.

Azura TU covers all sizes of sheetfed presses from B2 up to sheetfed format 6 and 7 for book and display printing. It also serves the fast growing web-to-print applications that are printed on VLF sheetfed presses.

Not only does Azura TU raise your platesetter productivity. It also eliminates process variables and thus guarantees more reliable and consistent results. Another benefit to this technology is that it’s environmentally friendly, as chemicals are unnecessary and water consumption can be reduced by up to 95% compared to conventional prepress systems.

Southern Lithoplate Liberty NXP



 No more baking. No more waiting. Southern Lithoplate’s Liberty NXP lithoplate delivers “out of the box” simplicity for instantaneous printing. Plus, Liberty NXP is a Southern Lithoplate technology so you know you can depend on its quality, performance and the utmost in service and availability. 

Liberty NXP no-process thermal printing plates meet the highest standards of performance, exceeding any other processless newspaper plate on the market. Liberty NXP requires no developer, water or processor. Plates go immediately from the platesetter to the plate cylinder, where they self-develop on press within a few turns.